Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Not the best day for photography

Mask photo

Summer fun..except for the lawnmower

Big hole under the sidewalk.  The site of the recent watermain repair on Water Street

New hole in the street.


Trash in context

MV Atlantic Huron

Mask photo. If it wasn’t drizzling, I would have tried to get down there and get a close up photo. Rocks are too slippery right now.

Won’t need this for quite awhile….I hope.

I used to read this while enjoying tea in the International House of Tea.  While eating lunch at the Madhouse pub. Have not read a single copy now for over a year.


Mask photo. I might have already photographed this mask. Tough to remember.

Great looking repair. Quality work.

Colourful can. Old Style Pilsner beer out of Lethbridge AB.

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