Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Another Thunder Bay parent teaching his child how to ride on the sidewalk instead of the streeet.  No hero here.

Court Street construction continues

An odd combination. Two carts and a television set.  Is this a new Thunder Bay street icon grouping?

I wonder how much grain is lost during transit?

Was there a strong wind last weekend?

This tree looks like it was pushed over.

The same with this sign.

The birds have the Pool 6 dock all to themselves. The public cannot go down there.

Interesting clouds

The navy out on patrol.  Is this one of our new frigates?

MV Miedwie

Most of this Marina Park pile is gone.  Still no work taking place at the south end of the park.


Looks like the pavement was wet when they applied the paint.

I guess it does not matter at this location


This is what you might call a “late bloomer”

Lake level appears to be up.  Is it a seiche?

MV Federal Elbe

MV Americaborg. I believe these Dutch ships are delivering wind turbine blades.

A little early for this…

Mountain Ash berries.  

Still some young birds around.

September is getting close.  Will the four star? Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel be finished by the end of September?  That is the goal.

Foam insulation particles in the marina.

This boat was here last summer. ( herehere )   It is registered in Edmonton Alberta.  Interesting.

Hooded Merganser?

One LCBO bag

Two LCBO bag

Three LCBO bags in Marina Park

Live at the Waterfront tonight

How long will it look like this?

Union shut down the Port Arthur Clinic today.  Blocked all entrances and put up a fence across the building’s entrance.  Patients and doctors were not allowed to enter the building.

Court issues interim injunction to restore order to health centre strike

Owen Sound Family health organization strike continues

I wonder how long until this gets violent?  That is the next step.

Another LCBO bag along McVicar Creek.  That’s four bags today…so far.

Work continues on Magnus Theatre.

Squirrel giving me hell.

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