Thunder Bay – Wednesday

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New DSSAB apartment building being built at the corner of Algoma and Cornwall.  Does not look like its occupied yet.

Another Thunder Bay “zero” riding his bicycle on the sidewalk.  The percentage of people who ride their bikes on the sidewalk here is much higher than Toronto.  The streets of Toronto are much busier than the streets of Thunder Bay, yet almost all cyclists ride on the street there.

Its embarrassing to think that Toronto cyclists are more courageous than our local cyclists but its true.  Our cyclists are gutless.

Court Street work continues.  Sidewalk concrete now being poured.

Work continues down at the south end of Marina Park.

Boat launch parking lot

The rec trail extension

All the material excavated as part of Prince Arthur’s Landing Phase 1 is now piled in one area on the Pool 6 property.

Great Blue Heron was scared off

This is what you find along almost all of the city’s waterfront…fences and locks.


The MV Ojibway

MV Techumseh foreground and MV Federal Dart in background

Rec trail surface will be removed along boat launch area

Masts on Pier 2

Its that time of year

Playing around with these clouds and tree

Foam insulation particles in our marina waters

No splashers in the fountain

Something happening in the Festival area

still not fixed.  Are they waiting until it snows?

My buddies.

More foam insulation particles around skate park

Some just HAD to write this here.

Work continues on the for star? Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel

Some people visiting the Urban Lounge (pedestrian overpass)  needed to take the edge off of the day with a couple of Carlings.

and someone needed to write this on the glass.

and this…

poop bag

Foam insulation particles along Red River Raod.

This patch on a patch needs a patch

another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs

and another City of Thunder Bay “zero”

and another “zero”.  No shortage of “zeros” in this town.  Never used to be….

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