Thunder Bay – Wednesday

another grey day.

Flag at half mast at the Cumberland Street Fire Station.  Why?  Defeats the purpose if the public has no idea why this is happening.

MV Federal Shimanto

MV Federal Katsura

MV Algoma Harvester

The building at the end of Pier 1 in Marina Park. The home of the Temple Reef Sailing Club.   This is a Pearl Street mailing address?  Thought it was Marina Park Drive.  Or is it the Sleeping Giant Parkway?  Depending on the map, you can get either street name.  Anyway, its definitely not Pearl Street.

Tossing rocks out onto the ice is a thing.

This public parking lot is always full.  Full of vehicles that belong to construction staff working on the four star? Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel.  No room for anyone else.

Then you look at the Delta by Marriott Hotel parking lot located just south of the Pearl Street entrance. A short walk from the hotel construction site.  Its empty.

Why are the construction workers not required to park their vehicles in this lot?  Its the hotel\s parking lot.

Another example of how our high salaried residents of City Hall have their faces firmly planted in the private developer’s genitalia.  Their faces have been glued to that area since the start of the waterfront project.

Wonder what is going to happen to the trains station after the construction of the hotel is complete?  Other than a brief location for the Breakwater Taphouse, the main use for the building has been as a condo sales office and a construction office.  Will the private developers do something with the historic building or simply walk away?

Just hanging around. Always hanging around.


You can always see these things laying around. Are they not recyclable?  They are made of paper.

Tis the season.

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