Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Poo bag.

If the City of Thunder Bay had e-waste collection instead of yard waste, maybe there would not be soo many electronics and appliances laying around the city.  Two yard waste collections per year and no e-waste collection?  Which is more important to the environment?

Not sure what this is. Looks like it may be some dog crap.

You can see the problem with some of the temporary repairs made by the City of Thunder Bay?  Instead of repairing this section of sidewalk and manhole, the high salaried residents of City Hall choose to throw down some asphalt every year.   No money.

Cars are pretty far out there.

Pileated Woodpecker previous related posts here

The red moustache signifies that this bird is a male.

More ice photos

MV Federal Shimanto

MV Americaborg  on left and MV Baie Comeau on right

Bald Eagle

Another LCBO bag


not sure what this means but it was written in the pedestrian overpass

Raven looking for insects

Did not like the crust

Something happening at the Scand Restaurant.

and out comes this guy on his bicycle.  Police officers and paramedics watched him closely as he left.  Not sure what he was up to in the restaurant but I am sure it was no good.

This guy is banned from many coffee shops and restaurants in the Bay and Algoma area.  The man has mental health issues.  I consider him dangerous (he might not be but still..) as in that you never know exactly what he is going to do.

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