Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Tough photo day today. The light was flat. Not much wildlife out there.

New Years day, I photographed one of these.  Now there are two.

Some newspaper trash waiting to escape the property.

Came off of someone’s boot.

Lucky for us that this construction stuff is still laying around.

The sign that serves no purpose is keeping the snowplow from clearing the full width of the road

I know….I just can’t stop seeing this totally useless sign.  Means nothing, yet it is still there.

The MV Algoma Strongfield

Loiterers busy loitering

Sunny over there

Winter does not stop lazy assholes from illegally parking simply to save two minutes of walking.  Thunder Bay lazy assholes are a year round problem.

Lots of Kelly’s Wine tetrapack caps in the pedestrian overpass.

Yup, Christmas is over.

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