Thunder Bay – What Is The Point?

Health unit confirms new COVID-19 case

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit has announced a new confirmed case of COVID-19 in the Thunder Bay area, bringing the district’s current active cases to two.

The newest case involves a woman in her 50s, who is now self-isolating. The health unit had not yet determined an exposure category indicating how the person caught the virus when it announced the case Tuesday morning.

It’s the 95th total confirmed case of the virus for the district. Of those, 92 are considered recovered and 2 active. One man died from the virus in April. – tbnewswatch

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Not sure what the point of releasing this information is.  It tells the reader nothing.  I read that a significant percentage of the population is infected with the virus but is asymtomatic.  Where?  Thunder Bay area is large.

Also cloth masks do not stop virus transmission.  Masks REDUCE transmission by an amount that varies depending on what health expert is talking.  Maybe 66% at best?

Sooo, a population with a significant amount of infected people using protective measures that are far from perfect?  Anyone who expects zero transmission is fooling themselves.  Ain’t going to happen.  Never.

If you want zero cases then everyone will have to stay at home. Alone. No interaction with anyone else. Forever.

I see people taking masks off of their faces , fold them up and stick them in a pocket or handbag.  No hand washing after handling the mask. No special precautions.  They will then take the mask out of the pocket or hand bag and them put it back on their face.  No special precautions. No hand washing.

Do they ever was the masks? Who knows?

What we now have is an entire population touching an item that they have been breathing through. Touching that item multiple times. Not sanitizing their hands afterwards.  Then going on and touching all sorts of things that others will touch as well. How is this better than what we had before?

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