Thunder Bay – When Calling Something ‘Racist ‘ Is ‘Racist’.

Fiddler slams Canada’s health-care system as two-tiered and racist

The head of Nishnawbe Aski Nation says senior levels of government must make a firm commitment to action to ensure racism is removed from Canada’s health-care system.

Grand Chief Alvin Fiddler on Friday met virtually with other Indigenous leaders and federal and provincial ministers in the aftermath of death of Joyce Echaquan in a Quebec hospital.

Echaquan, 37, died in late September, and streamed video of at least one nurse and a health-care attendant hurling racially charged insults at her after she told hospital officials in her Atikamekw language she was concerned about the medication she was being given and also about being over-medicated for her stomach issues.

The ensuing outrage led to the firing of a nurse and a promise to investigate the matter further.

Fiddler, in a release, says the incident shows the country still has a long way to go when it comes to Indigenous people and how they’re treated in the health-care system. – tbnewswatch

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Ia it ‘racist’ to call an entire healthcare system ‘racist’ because of one incident in some unidentified Quebec hospital?  Of course it is. Its no different then calling all Indigenous people drunkards, thieves or murders because of the actions of only a few.

In my day to day activities, the few Indigenous people I come across are either asking me for money, urinating in public, drinking alcohol in public, or preparing to drink alcohol in public.  The majority of convenience store robberies in Thunder Bay were committed by Indigenous people. The vast majority of murders in Thunder Bay are Indigenous people murdering other Indigenous people. The vast majority of missing persons I see in the media are Indigenous.

Would it be OK for me to use such a small sample of the Canadian Indigenous population to judge every other?  No, because that would be ‘racist’. Sooo I don’t.

The more often the term ‘racist’ is used, it loses part of its power.  Today, the term is used soo often, it means nothing.

Mr. Fiddler is a politician.  He needs to keep his name in the media in order to get votes. He needs to be seen as fighting for the Indigenous people in order to get votes,

As the head of the Nishnawbe Aski Nation, Grand Chief Fiddler has a lifestyle that is quite comfortable.  A lifestyle that he wants to keep.

Accusing us ‘colonists’ as racist every so often gets his name in the media. Politicians are always running for reelection.  Everything they say and do is tailored to ensure reelection.  That is ALL this is about.


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