Thunder Bay – When Support Is Not Voluntary, It Does Not Mean That Much

City institutes free 2-hour parking

The move is intended to support local businesses amid COVID-19 pandemic

In a bid to support local businesses struggling under the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Thunder Bay has announced all on-street metered parking will be free for a maximum of two hours.

In a release, the city says the move, which is effective at least through April 30, is intended to “facilitate easy and timely pick-up and drop off at local businesses.” – tbnewswatch

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Support local businesses?  What business? They’re all closed! There were no cars parked anywhere.

The real reason for free parking is the same reason there is always free parking on weekends and holidays. There is nobody walking around checking the meters. right now. Nobody handing out parking tickets.  THAT is the only reason that there is free parking.

The same for free use of public transit. To protect transit operators, passengers are entering and exiting by the rear door only.  If the operators were protected by a barrier, which will happen in the future, and passengers still had to enter via the front door, then they would still be paying.

How about hydro?  Synergy North?  Why not have reduced electricity rates all day long?  Many people are at home instead of work, using more electricity during peak hours. Electricity demand must be down during the day as many high electricity using companies and businesses have shut down. Rates should also drop with demand.

Could it be that Synergy North is the latest City of Thunder Bay  cash cow that it is milking for every dollar it can squeeze out of its profits?  Just like TbayTel and its annual dividend payments?  Our high salaried residents of City Hall cannot afford to reduce electricity rates because they have already spent all that dividend money?

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