Thunder Bay – Why Repair When You Can Build New…For Free ?

Repairing is not the Thunder Bay way…..come on Magnus Theatre….where do you think you are?  Toronto?

Magnus Theatre to raise funds for building fix-ups

Magnus Theatre expects to begin fundraising in the new year to pay for repairs to the exterior wall of the auditorium, and for upgrades to the historic former Central School building which the theatre is attached to.

Pieces of stucco started falling from the wall about two years ago.

“The stucco wasn’t installed properly when they initially built the auditorium,” said Magnus general manager Miranda Myers “It’s an old system that they used. The stucco’s just not sticking.”

Myers said an architectural firm recently conducted a study of the building’s overall condition, setting the stage for repairs to the exterior as well as improvements to the interior of the heritage portion of the structure.

“The building is old … we want to make it a little bit more modern.” – Tbnewswatch

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Miranda Myers needs to go have a talk Brook McIlroy.  Just like the Thunder Bay Art Gallery did.

Locate at the waterfront and huge piles of that sweet, sweet taxpayer cash will be thrown at you by all levels of government…including the City of Thunder Bay.  Its that easy. Easy Peesy, Lemon Squeezy.

Business plan?  Just make one up.  Say…$5 million a year in tourist revenue. How about $10 million in tourist revenue. Pick any number….it does not matter.  Years from now, nobody will check to see if your business plan predictions were accurate.  They don’t do that.

The art gallery relocation is going to cost at LEAST $40 million in taxpayer cash.  Almost all of that cash simply handed to the gallery because they asked.  Just because they asked.

Imagine this on the shores of Lake Superior…it could be Magnus Theatre

Forget about repairing the structure.  You can have a brand new $40 million building located on the waterfront…just talk to Brook McIlroy.  Seriously!

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