Thunder Bay – You Can’t Handle The Truth

A few quotes from Henry Wojak’s letter in the Tbnewswatch today. All true.

Still harder to understand is how the city manager can find $3.5 million in savings only after learning that the city would be facing a $6.5-$7.5 million unfavourable variance by year’s end.

To hear Mayor Hobbs claim that the city paid off $23 million in debt, I would like to ask how is it that the city debt will be $184 million by year’s end when the debt in 2010 was $182 million.

While the city may not be in financial trouble, the taxpayers may be, as the municipal burden has increased to 5.4 per cent of household income. – Henry Wojak, Mayorilty Candidate, Opinion Letter Tbnewswatch

(Hobbs letter here, Boshcoff letter here)

Hobbs and Commisso have been playing games with the numbers all the time. Unless you pay close attention to what is said EXACTLY, you may walk away with a false sense of security. Eg.  Commisso said that unless they get a significant portion of the requested project funding from the province and federal government, then the project will not go ahead.  How much of the $70 odd million  that is being requested from the senior levels of government constitutes a significant portion in the mind of Tim Commisso is anyone’s guess.  Do you feel secure with that answer?

The same goes for the project’s TOTAL cost. The TOTAL cost to the taxpayer is at least $120 million…maybe more but you will NEVER hear that number pass through the lips of anyone from City Hall. NEVER.  Why?  Because that number is not voter friendly. Bad..very bad PR.

You see, City Admin is spending a lot of money in secret.  Tbaytel and Thunder Bay Hydro have dome work in the area around where the proposed event centre is supposed to be built.  Will we ever know the TOTAL costs? No.  Did we ever know the TOTAL cost of Prince Arthur’s Landing?  Of course not.



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